T-ara Cry Cry Teaser Photos

T-ara will be releasing their new album, “Black Eyes” next week with the song, “Cry Cry”. As mentioned from the previous post, they have a totally different concept from their previous hit single, “Roly Poly“. Let’s look at their album jacket pictures!

Eunjung 은정

eunjung cry cry

Eunjung (Photo: Daum)

Jiyeon 지연


Jiyeon (Photo: Daum)

Qri 큐리

Qri T-ara

Qri (Photo: Daum)

Boram 보람


Boram (Photo: Daum)

Hyomin 효민

Hyomin T-ara

Hyomin (Photo: Daum)

Hwayoung 화영


Hwayoung (Photo: Daum)

Soyeon 소연


Soyeon (Photo: Daum)

Who look the most sophisticated? And who look the prettiest?

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