Sick of K-pop Cult by Adeline Chia of The Straits Times

On Thursday December 8 2011, Singapore’s The Straits Times – Life! had a report on an article titled “Sick of K-pop Cult”, reported by Adeline Chia.

Adeline Chia Kpop

Sick of K-pop Cult by Adeline Chia (From: The Straits Times, 8-Dec-2011)

According to the article, Adeline Chia attended TVXQ(DBSK/Dong Bang Shin Ki) fan meet in Singapore. She reported that she is heartily sick of every bit of Korean pop, from the manufactured sounds, the ersatz emotions, the clone-like stars to the cult-like weepy fandom. She also referred the K-pop wave with David Mitchell’s 2004 novel Cloud Atlas. This article caused an uproar from Singapore’s Korean pop fans, particularly Cassiopeias (Fanclub of TVXQ), who demanded an apology from Adeline Chia if 5,000 fans sign a petition on twitition(  “Adeline Chia” even was on Singapore’s twitter trend on Thursday.

This reminds me of another anti-Hallyu incident in Japan – Japanese actor, Sousuke Takaoka made several criticism regarding the Hallyu Wave in Japan. The celebrity later apologized on his blog and decided to leave his entertainment industry.

So what do you think of Adeline Chia’s article and Sousuke Takaoka’s incident?

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2 thoughts on “Sick of K-pop Cult by Adeline Chia of The Straits Times

  1. ah apparently this was reached to you – are you residing in the west? idid a fair share of honest breakdown of the article on my blog if you’d want to check it out. shes right and wrong in places but the only thing wrong is to call us a cult. the rest, we know better and shes just stating the obvious in such negative tone. as we don’t know enough that kpop industry is like baking a cake in 1-2-3. hahahaha!

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