buzz Korea Interactive Movie – Annyeong [안녕] featuring 2PM and miss A

Recently, JYP’s 2PM and miss A starred in an interactive movie, Annyeong [안녕] to promote Korea’s tourism.

“Annyeong” in Korean can mean “Hi” – Annyeongha seyo; “Bye” – Annyeonghi ka seyo; and literally means “Wishing you many blessings/peace”. The interactive movie enables you to go on a 3-day journey in Korea with Korea’s honorary goodwill ambassadors, 2PM and miss A.

Episode 1 



In the 1st episode, you will be riding a bike through the city of Seoul with Taecyeon of 2PM. Later, he will introduce some spicy Korean cuisine and various banchan (side dishes).

Junho Junsu Fei

Junho Fei and Junsu

Later, you will meet Junho, Fei and Junsu as they bring you the dynamic youth culture of Korea.

fei and chansung

Fei and Chansung

Fei will then introduce her stylist friend, Chansung. He will introduce what are the latest trends in Korea. You will end the first day with performance by Nanta/B-boy and the mesmerizing night view of the Han River.

Episode 2

jia and suzy

Jia and Suzy

In the 2nd episode, you will be visiting a Hanok (Korean traditional house), where you will be able to meet Suzy, a student and Jia, a girl from China. They will show you the tranquil surroundings and beauty of Korea’s nature. You will enjoy a Korean dinner, prepared by Suzy and Jia, together with other friends from other countries.

Episode 3



In the 3rd episode, you will be able to choose your own guide; Wooyoung of 2PM or Min of miss A. Wooyoung/Min will introduce Gyeongbukgung and some of the origins and legends of the stone statues. Later, Wooyoung/Min will bring you to N Seoul Tower to see the awesome night view of Seoul.



Click here to watch Annyeong!

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