CHAOS Member stares at HyunA?

On 5th January 2011, Trouble Maker – HyunA of 4minute and Hyunseung of B2ST is the winner of jTBC ‘Music On Top’. While, Trouble Maker was delivering their speech, rookie group, CHAOS member – Park Taeyang was caught staring at HyunA. The two MCs are Yoon Doojoon (of BEAST) and Lee Hyunwoo (in IU’s You and I Music Video).


CHAOS member Park Taeyang staring at HyunA (Photo:

CHAOS is a rookie group which consists of Hyunsun (현선),Park Taeyang  (박태양), Heejae (희재), Dongmin (동민) and Doohwan (두환).

As CHAOS is still a new boy group, probably Park Taeyang is starstruck or perhaps he was mesmerized but HyunA’s beauty.


Trouble Maker and Park Taeyang (Photo:


Park Taeyang staring at HyunA (Photo:

Fellow B2ST member, Yoon Doojoon, who was the MC evoked some laughter during the encore by doing ‘Troublemaker”s dance move with fellow MC, Lee HyunWoo and HyunA


HyunA and Doojoon performing TroubleMaker (Photo: Sport Korea)


Doojoon and Hyunwoo

Doojoon and Hyunwoo

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