TVXQ reunion through the help of Ayumi Hamasaki?

Recently, a Japanese source reported that Avex Trax will act as a saviour to reunite TVXQ(DBSK).


Dong Bang Shin Ki/ Tohoshinki (Photo:

Japanese pop star, Ayumi Hamasaki is said to be negotiating on both sides since she is influential in Avex Trax and is said to be a fan of TVXQ and a close friend of TVXQ’s Jaejoong, who appeared in her music video, “blossom”.  She also collaborated with TVXQ’s Junsu’s twin brother, Juno with the song, “Why” featured in her latest mini album, “FIVE”.

ayumi hamasaki

Ayumi Hamasaki and Jaejoong (Photo: Yahoo! Japan)

While many fans were excited to hear the news, there are some fans who are skeptical and thinks it’s unlikely for them to reunion.

Currently, there is no official statement regarding this issue. Hopefully, there will be good news regarding their reunion.

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2 thoughts on “TVXQ reunion through the help of Ayumi Hamasaki?

  1. I really hope Ayumi Hamasaki can reunite them. I think she is quite influential in Japan. DBSK are one of the best K-pop group

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