T-ara: Hwayoung’s wardrobe malfunction scandal

Despite winning the triple crown honour, T-ara was devastated by member Hwayoung’s wadrobe malfunction on January 29th’s episode of SBS Inkigayo.


Hwayoung together with 3 other members of T-ara on January 29th. They won the triple crown win .

The event happened when T-ara performed “Lovey Dovey” live on Inkigayo when Hwayoung, who was wearing the above outfit. During her dance solo, she accidentally exposed her chest area due to the tapes that held the microphone wires under her outfit. Netizens made screen captures, which circulated in Korean media portals, blogs and Twitter.

T-ara’s agency, Core Contents Media has released an official statement: “Because of Hwayoung’s young age, she was very shocked and frightened by the event. Even now, she remains very shocked. The incident was purely accidental as it happened due to the loosening of the tapes that held the microphone wires under her outfit”.

It’s really very unfortunate for Hwayoung as she is only 18. The triple crown win became a stressful reminder of this unfortunate incident. Let’s hope that Hwayoung and the rest of T-ara’s members will overcome this incident.

News source: Naver, allkpop

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7 thoughts on “T-ara: Hwayoung’s wardrobe malfunction scandal

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  7. Como a humanidade é podre, se fosse com eles ou conhecidos eles iam abafar o caso, mas como não é, eles ficam mostrando o peito da menina, que gente cretina!

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