Seoul Yummy @ The Central

Seoul Yummy @ The Central is located at Eu Tong Sen Street, Clarke Quay. The restaurant provides Korean cuisine lovers with delicious Korean food and great value.

Seoul Yummy

Seoul Yummy

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Block B controversial Thai interview Part 2

Previously, Seoul Awesome reported the incident of Block B’s controversial interview in Thailand. Besides Zico(지코)’s shaved head and written apology, Block B (블락 비) did a video on their Youtube Channel; their face showing regret and remorse. The video has subtitle in Korean, Thai and English.

zico shaved head

zico shaved head (Photo: Data News)

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Block B controversial Thai interview

Recently, hip-hop dance group, Block B (블락비) created stirs controversy due to their interview in Thailand. During the interview, when asked about their opinion on the recent Thai flood, leader ZICO commented that he hoped to help the Thai people through donations but later comment that he had only 7,000 Won.


Block B’s leader – ZICO (Photo: @ZICO92)

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Korean Men Fashion: K-pop Hipster Glasses

Just 10 days ago, we talked about the trend of hipster glasses among Korean female idols. The hipster glasses trend has even greater impact among Korean guys. Walking along the streets of Seoul, you will be able to see fashionable Korean men in hipster glasses. Let’s take a look at how the Korean male idols look with hipster glasses!



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Korean Valentines Day: Hot Couples 2012

Today marks Valentines Day worldwide. Koreans celebrate Valentines day differently from the West.

This year, SEOUL AWESOME brings you Favourite Star Couples of the year. Let’s check them out!

태연 ❤ 민호: Taeyeon and Minho (The Adorable Couple)

taeyeon minho

Taeyeon & Minho for Salamander Guru (Photo: Naver)

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IU’s Last Fantasy Music Video

The music video of IU’s album, “Last Fantasy”‘s ninth track has finally revealed.

IU has recently made her debut in Japan. The music video revealed her promotions and activities in Japan.


IU touring Nakamise Shopping Street, Asakusa, Tokyo

Let’s take a look at some of the screen captures!

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Korean Ladies Fashion: K-pop Hipster Glasses

Korean idols are known for wearing Hipster glasses, which brought a trend globally. Let’s take a look at these female K-pop idols with their cute-looking hipster glasses!


SNSD's Yuri looking "preppy" in glasses (Photo: naver)

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