Korean Ladies Fashion: K-pop Hipster Glasses

Korean idols are known for wearing Hipster glasses, which brought a trend globally. Let’s take a look at these female K-pop idols with their cute-looking hipster glasses!


SNSD's Yuri looking "preppy" in glasses (Photo: naver)

Yoon Baek Hee

T-ara Eunjung's role in Dream High as Yoon Baek Hee. She looks cute and geeky in glasses (Photo: naver)


Suzy of miss A caught wearing glasses with Hermione Granger's hairstyle (Photo: naver)


IU looking adorable with a pair of hipster glasses (Photo: Naver)


T-ara's Hwayoung looking sweet and lovely (Photo: Hankyung)

So, which female Korean celebrity looks the best with hipster glasses?

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3 thoughts on “Korean Ladies Fashion: K-pop Hipster Glasses

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