IU’s Last Fantasy Music Video

The music video of IU’s album, “Last Fantasy”‘s ninth track has finally revealed.

IU has recently made her debut in Japan. The music video revealed her promotions and activities in Japan.


IU touring Nakamise Shopping Street, Asakusa, Tokyo

Let’s take a look at some of the screen captures!


IU showing her charm in Japan


IU taking picture with a Japanese fan

IU’s “Last Fantasy” is definitely a strong track – melancholic and nostalgic melody with IU’s sweet yet strong vocal.


IU had a successful showcase in Japan

IU had a successful showcase in Bukamura Orchard Hall and was well-received. She collaborated with the famous Tokyo’s New City Orchestra as she performed hits such as “Good Day” and “Last Fantasy”. Her cute image and powerful vocal captured the hearts of Japanese fans.


IU on a Sumida River Cruise - with the newly-built Tokyo Sky Tree, Asahi Beer Hall and Asahi Flame at the background





IU Maneki Neko

IU will released her Japanese album on 21st March 2012. Let’s wish her success!

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5 thoughts on “IU’s Last Fantasy Music Video

  1. She is so precious!! I’m going to be so excited if {when?} she starts singing in Japanese. xD Maybe I’ll actually start to understand….lol..

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