Korean Valentines Day: Hot Couples 2012

Today marks Valentines Day worldwide. Koreans celebrate Valentines day differently from the West.

This year, SEOUL AWESOME brings you Favourite Star Couples of the year. Let’s check them out!

태연 ❤ 민호: Taeyeon and Minho (The Adorable Couple)

taeyeon minho

Taeyeon & Minho for Salamander Guru (Photo: Naver)

Girls Generation (SNSD) “kid leader” – Taeyeon did a cameo appearance for SBS’s new sitcom – Salamander Guru. She plays a role of a determined girl, using her aegyo charm to woo her crush in the sitcom – Minho of SHINee. What an adorable couple!

taeyeon minho

Minho and Taeyeon (Photo: Naver)

현아 ❤ 현승:  HyunA and Hyunseung – Sexy Couple


Troublemaker - HyunA and Hyunseung (Photo: Cube Entertainment)

Cube Entertainment’s very own sexy duo – HyunA and Hyunseung did an awesome collaboration – Troublemaker. Fans were addicted with this catchy song and sizzling choreography. Their sexy dance moves were so convincing that there were rumors of them dating in real life.

제시카 ❤ 이동욱: Jessica and Lee Dong Wook (Wild Couple)

Jessica Dongwook

Jessica and Dongwook (Photo: Naver)

Jessica of Girls Generation(SNSD) was offered a role in KBS’s “Wild Romance”, playing Lee Dong Wook’s first love. Fans were shocked to see their idol did a kiss scene for this drama. However, most netizens gave positive comments like, “They look really compatible with each other“.

So who’s your favourite couple in this list?

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