Korean Men Fashion: K-pop Hipster Glasses

Just 10 days ago, we talked about the trend of hipster glasses among Korean female idols. The hipster glasses trend has even greater impact among Korean guys. Walking along the streets of Seoul, you will be able to see fashionable Korean men in hipster glasses. Let’s take a look at how the Korean male idols look with hipster glasses!




2PM Taecyeon with an “office look” (Photo: Look Optical)


BEAST Kikwang’s nerdy look (Photo: Naver)

kim soo hyun

Dream High’s Kim Soo Hyun looking great with glasses (Photo: Naver)

nichkhun look optical

Nichkhun of 2PM looking studious with glasses (Photo: Look Optical)

So, which male Korean celebrity looks the best with hipster glasses?

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9 thoughts on “Korean Men Fashion: K-pop Hipster Glasses

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  5. Kevin’s hipster glasses dont look real.it is looking as if those glasses have been ‘photoshopped’ on his face.The glasses don’t have rod-like things that rest on the ears(i don’t know what those things are called)

  6. This has been a Korean fashion trend long, long before the term Hipster was even coined. I remember loving how Korean guys and girls wore these glasses back in 2002, 2003ish.

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