Block B controversial Thai interview

Recently, hip-hop dance group, Block B (블락비) created stirs controversy due to their interview in Thailand. During the interview, when asked about their opinion on the recent Thai flood, leader ZICO commented that he hoped to help the Thai people through donations but later comment that he had only 7,000 Won.


Block B’s leader – ZICO (Photo: @ZICO92)

This issue made K-pop idols 2PM Nichkhun; who is a Thai citizen himself and U-KISS Dongho to share their thoughts on Twitter.


Nichkhun (Photo: Naver)

Nichkhun wrote on his twitter in Korean “태국의 홍수피해 관련된 일들에 대해 별 생각없이 말씀하시는 분들,태국인인 입장에서 기분이 나쁘네요.그리고 태국에 오셔서 생각없이 행동하시는것 보단,이 나라에 대한 예의를 갖춰주시고,올바르게 인식할줄 아는 태도도 갖춰주세요”, which is roughly translated, “Being a Thai citizen, I am offended by people who commented about the Thai flooding without thinking. If you come to Thailand, rather than acting without thinking, please respect this country and behave with proper attitude”.

u-kiss Dongho

Dongho of U-KISS (Photo: Naver)

Dongho tweeted on 20th February 2012, “”7,000원짜리 가수다”, meaning “Singer worth 7,000 Won” but later deleted the tweet and apologized due to controversy.

Meanwhile, Block B apologised on their official website. Leader ZICO has taken responsibility and shaved his head with remorse.

Apparently, this is not the first time Block B made controversial comments about natural disasters.

During an interview in Japan, Block B’s member- Kyung commented, ” “Right now there’s a tsunami raging outside. We will sweep over here like a tsunami,” while another member makes a tsunami motion with his hands while laughing.

So what do you think of these controversies?

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3 thoughts on “Block B controversial Thai interview

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  2. for me it just a nonsense issue o controversy…that just a simple things…should be not become a big issue..they just act like that a big problem??????
    that how their, its not a big problem..

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