Block B controversial Thai interview Part 2

Previously, Seoul Awesome reported the incident of Block B’s controversial interview in Thailand. Besides Zico(지코)’s shaved head and written apology, Block B (블락 비) did a video on their Youtube Channel; their face showing regret and remorse. The video has subtitle in Korean, Thai and English.

zico shaved head

zico shaved head (Photo: Data News)

“안녕하세요. 블락비 입니다.
Hello, this is Block B.
(90 Degrees Bow)
저희가 최근에 태국에 가서 있던 일에 대해서 정말 죄송합니다.
We are very sorry for the things that happened in Thailand recently.
저희 행동들이 태국 분들에게 피해를 드릴 수 있다는 드릴 수 있다는 점을 생각 못했다는 부분이 너무 부끄럽고 어리 석었고 어떻게 용서를 구해야 할지 모르겠습니다.
The fact that we didn’t think that our actions and damage the Thai people was very stupid and embarrassing and we don’t know how to ask for your forgiveness.

저희가 현장 분위기를 판단하지 못한점을 인정하고 너무 이가적인 거 같아 대단히 죄송합니다.
We acknowledge that we made a hasty judgement of the atmosphere of the location and that was very selfish and we are greatly sorry.
저희가 의도적으로 누구에게 상처를 주려고 한 것을 절대로 아니었지만 저희 어리석은 행동이상처와 피해를 드려 정말 죄송합니다.
We never meant to hurt anyone but it was childish and we’re very sorry for causing harm.
여러분 앞에서 당장 설 수는 없겠지만.
I know we can’t stand before you right now.
이렇게 나마 죄송하다는 저희마음이 전달이 되었으면 합니다.
And we hope you will watch the change in our actions in us.
신중하게 저희 자신을 돌아보고 배우고 발전해나가겠습니다. 다시한번 고개 숙여 사죄하겠습니다.
We will carefully look back at ourselves. Learn & improve again. We would like to bow our heads and apologize.
(Deep Bow)”

block b  apologize

Block B apologize

Under such stress from the public, Block B’s 19-year-old maknae, P.O was hospitalized. It seems to be too much to handle for them especially for the maknae as there was even a petition asking for suicide of the members.

block B PO

Block B's Maknae - PO (피오) - Photo: Naver

2PM’s Nichkhun tweeted with sympathy regarding the suicide petition, “Please, don’t say things like “wish someone would die” but hope they would learn. Like we all do, like I did from my own mistakes.”

Nichkhun once also stirs controversy on his comment of March 11th East Japan Earthquake comparing natural disasters to rearranging bedroom; though many fans felt that that was nothing wrong stating an analogy.


Nichkhun (@Khunnie0624)

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6 thoughts on “Block B controversial Thai interview Part 2

  1. I think Block B is sincere enough. So please stop criticizing them. Even Nichkhun has forgive them. He also made mistake before so I think it’s alright to make mistakes as long as you apologize. Please continue to support them cuz I think they are very talented

  2. We are just human being, sometimes we make mistakes. From that mistakes we can learn how to do the good one. Die or alive is not in human hand. hope block-b toughen.

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