IU receives a hug from Taeyang for White Day

It has been known that IU’s ideal man is none other than Big Bang’s Taeyang.

IU and Taeyang

Taeyang hugs IU (Photo: SBS)

Recently, Big Bang made an appearance on the March 11th’s Inkigayo. The 3 MCs – IU, Goo Hara and Nicole chose to ask fan questions to create a memorable interview. A fan named “A sunflower which only looks at Taeyang (Sun in Korean) asked, “White Day is coming soon, who will Taeyang gift a candy to?”


IU with sunflower crown (Photo: SBS)

Coincidentally, IU was wearing a crown of sunflower on her head. Fellow MCs, Hara and Nicole jokingly asked if the question was really sent by a fan (or IU herself).

IU denied and told them to be quiet. And suddenly, Taeyang gave IU a hug.

A past clip of IU kissing Taeyang once again received attention.

Iu taeyang

IU kisses Taeyang (Photo: Nate)

IU was seen on the clip, kissing Taeyang on the cheeks. They were performing “I Need A Girl” for the SBS variety show, “Heroes ‘영웅호걸’ in 2010.

Fans commented “Kiss before Hug?” and “They have something for real”?

So what do you think of this couple? Should they date for real?

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