T-ara’s Eunjung robbed in Milan

Recently, T-ara went for a trip to Europe for photo-shoots. When T-ara was in Italy, Eunjung was in charge of the 23,000 Euros (34 million Korean Won), which is the budget for the members.

Eunjung Milan

Eunjung in Milan's cathedral square (Photo: Eunjung's Twitter @taraeunjung1212)

On April 12th, T-ara took a short break during their photo shoot at a cathedral square in Milan. Eunjung went to buy coffee when the thief robbed her, losing her handbag with 23,000 Euros to the thief. Fortunately, the passports were kept by another staff.

Eunjung expressed grief and cried all night. She stated that she will reimburse the money when she return to Korea. The other members comforted her which made them able to successfully complete the shooting.

Meanwhile, some netizens sympathize Eunjung’s misfortune by stating “Did she get hurt?” and  “Poor Eunjung! I feel sorry for her” while others state that “Why did she carry 23,000 Euros with her?” and “Why is she made to carry such huge amount of money?”

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