Korean Idols for May 2012 Magazines

April is coming to an end and the weather in Korea is getting warmer. Many Korean idols showcased the mid-spring fashion through magazine’s pictorials with bright colors and flora prints. Let us take a look.

Choi Minho (SHINee)

SHINee Minho Cosmopolitan

SHINee Minho for Cosmopolitan (Photo: Naver)

Min & Fei (miss A)

Miss A CeCi

miss A Min & Fei for CeCi (Photo: Naver)

Son Ga-In (Brown Eyed Girls)

Brown Eyed Girls

BEG Ga-In for InStyle Korea (Photo: Naver)

Jia & Suzy (miss A)

miss A Ceci

miss A's Jia & Suzy for CeCi (Photo: naver)

Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun for Harpers Bazaar (Photo: Harpers Bazaar)

Key (SHINee)

key cosmopolitan

SHINee Key for Cosmopolitan (Photo: Naver)

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