Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea

The World Expo 2012 will be held in Yeosu City(여수시; 麗水市), Jeollanam-do(전라남도), Korea.

아이유 여수

The theme song for EXPO2012 is sung by IU

Yeosu is a peninsula and a few islands, which makes this city an international ocean resort. It has awesome sea breeze and warm current. The city has cool summers and mild winters with longer spring and autumn than other regions of Korea.

The main theme of this year’s EXPO is “The Living Ocean & Coast” and will be divided into 3 sub-themes namely;
– Coastal Development and Preservation
– New Resources Technology
– Creative Maritime Activities

The sub-themes have been further developed into 6 thematic groups, namely;
Climate & Environment
Marine Life
Marine Industry & Technology
Marine City & Marine Civilization
Marine Arts
Each of these will be demonstrated in the respective sub-theme pavilions.
Expo 2012’s theme song is sung by nation’s little sister – IU. The title of the song is “Stories told by the sea (바다가 기억하는 얘기)”. The song reflect’s this year’s Expo theme

IU Yeosu

IU with 2 mascots: Yeony and Suny

The two mascots were named after the City of Yeosu – Yeoni(여니) and Suni(수니). Yeoni(여니) comes from the Hanja Yeo (麗) which means beautiful and Su (水) means water.

Expo 2012 will be held from May 12, 2012 to August 12, 2012 located at the new port area of Yeosu City.

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