Korean Fashion For Men: INFINITE Infinitize

INFINITE has finally released their 3rd mini-album, INFINITIZE on May 15th 2012 after their successful promotion in Japan. On May 15th, the group visited 5 cities of Korea namely; Gwangju, Busan, Daegu, Daejeon and Seoul to hold showcase in these cities. In order to do that, they have to travel on a helicopter with a ∞ on it. INFINITE has now become a successful and popular boy-band known for their vocal talents and highly synchronized choreography. Let us take a look at their new style for INFINITIZE.

infinite 인피니트

INFINITE (인피니트) – credits: Woollim Entertainment

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Coming of Age Day 2012

Two days ago on May 21st, Koreans celebrate Coming of Age Day. (성년의 날 – Seongnyeoneui-nal), to commemorate adulthood when a person reaches the age of 20 (born 1992 this year).

A survey conducted by MBC ‘Show Champion’ on which Korean idol who has turned 20 this year has the most kissable lips. Revealing only the lips of the idols, 4minute HyunA took the first place for female idol and INFINITE’s L took the No.1 spot for male Korean idols.


4minute HyunA (Photo: Yahoo! Korea)

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JYP Rookie Duo: JJ Project (Photos and Profile)

JYP Entertainment’s newest idols – J.B (Yim Jae-Beom/임재범) and Jr. (박진영/Park Jin-young) will be collaborating as a duo – JJ Project. Many of us are already familiar with JB. and Jr. as they were both cast in Dream High 2. The new duo will release their new album on 20th May 2012. Let us take a look at the teaser photos!

JJ Project

JJ Project – Jr. and JB

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Korean Parents’ Day Special: Korean celebrities’ parents

Koreans celebrate Parents’ Day (어버이날) on May 8th. In Korea, filial piety is considered the highest of all virtues due to their Confucianism belief (유교). On this day, children will show their respect and love for their parents usually by offering gifts such as carnations, beauty treatments and health care products.

SEOUL AWESOME brings you “Parents of Korean celebrities”. Let’s check them out!


Infinite L

Infinite’s Kim Myungsoo (L.)’s mom (credits: KBS)

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[Pictures] EXO-K Pre-Debut Photos

Rookie group EXO-K is recently the hot topic of K-pop news. Meanwhile, many fans were curious on how the members look before their debut. Let us take a look at the pictures.


credits: Nate

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EXO-K vs BtoB vs NU’EST

In March and April, the K-pop scene sees three new groups – SM Entertainment’s EXO-K, Cube Entertainment’s BtoB and Pledis Entertainment’s NU’EST. Many K-pop fans were impressed with the performance of these three rookie groups.


EXO-K (Photo: SM Entertainment)

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