EXO-K vs BtoB vs NU’EST

In March and April, the K-pop scene sees three new groups – SM Entertainment’s EXO-K, Cube Entertainment’s BtoB and Pledis Entertainment’s NU’EST. Many K-pop fans were impressed with the performance of these three rookie groups.


EXO-K (Photo: SM Entertainment)

Debut Teasers

EXO-K(together with EXO-M) is probably the most anticipated rookie group. SM Entertainment announced that the company will debut a new boyband since early 2011.  Prior to their debut, they had released many teaser photos of the members, 23 teasers on Youtube, two prologues and a showcase. However, there were many netizens who voiced out that there were too many teasers that feature the visual of the group – KAI.


BtoB (Photo: Kuki Media)

For BtoB, the members were wearing mask dancing, with the captions, “The wait is over. Be ready to be blown away. The world of K-pop is about to change.” Cube Entertainment  has good reputation for producing talented K-pop idols such as 4 Minute and BEAST despite being a relatively new entertainment company.


Nu’est (Photo: Pledis Entertainment)

NU’EST seem to be going for a “delinquent” image. Most viewers would probably notice the androgynous member – REN. Many female netizens gave positive comments regarding the member as being “pretty” and “cute”.

Title Tracks

EXO-K’s title track – MAMA is just awesome. The song has elements of powerful dance moves, gregorian chant, orchestra, heavy base, rebust vocals and even screamo. Both the song and the music videos are epic. However, many netizens dislike the introduction of the music video regarding EXO’s origin of being from exoplanet

BtoB’s title track – 비밀(Insane) actually sounds very much like a BEAST’s B-side track. The track did not really attract me initially it actually started to grow on me after watching their live performance.

NU’EST title track – FACE is catchy especially the chorus which is addictive. The choreography is pretty unique. This song has a more “euro” genre as compared with EXO-K’s “MAMA” and BtoB’s  비밀(Insane).

Talent and Popularity

do kai

Kai + DO

All the members of EXO-K are pretty strong in vocals and dance. In terms of vocal, the strongest is probably D.O (디오) while the dance machine of the group goes to Kai (카이). All the members have their own legion of fans as the members have different charisma and distinctive looks therefore it’s hard to identify the most popular member.

sungjae minhyuk

Minhyuk and Sungjae

BtoB’ has really strong vocals, in fact strongest among the three rookie groups. It’s really a pity that their debut EP isn’t as strong as EXO and NU’EST. They also lack their own identity as they’re still being identified as the “second BEAST”. By looking at K-pop forums, both visual Minhyuk(민혁) and maknae Sungjae(성재) seem to be more popular than the rest.


NU’EST Ren (Photo: Pledis Entertainment)

NU’EST has got the youngest members (with 4 members born in the year 1995). Their style and urban synthpop genre are quite new in the K-pop scene. They can sing pretty well but the vocals of the members are not distinctive enough. Ren(렌) is probably the most popular member as he is receiving the most attention among the other members.

So, which is your favourite rookie group?

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30 thoughts on “EXO-K vs BtoB vs NU’EST

  1. BtoB didn’t appeal to me at all, then again they are the second beast and I don’t really like beast so that explains it all. Nuest took me away by surprise, FACE is such a good song, and they did a good job with the story line choreography aswell.

    Now to EXO-K. I LOVE THEM, so maybe my opinion may not be as reliable, but seiously, I was abit worried for their future because I thought they were going to take over the shinee debut era concept, a concept that I still love til this day, but for shinee only, so when MAMA came out, I was fangirling all over. Their mini is soo amazing, all the members are able to show off their own talent. The only thing that I don’t like is the edited “roll like a buffalo” I EFFING LOVE ROLL LIKE A BUFFALO

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  4. Exo-k is leaving an amazing impression o me, but I love Nu’est’s debut song simply because of the topic that the song approaches. So for the tie being I’m going to keep an eye out for them too ;D

  5. I LOVE NU’EST! For me their the prettiest group that debuted this year ^^ and most of the members were born on the same year I was born. Mostly of their fans were nice too.

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  8. NU’EST! I love their song Face and Ren is such a cutie<3
    As for BtoB, i don't follow them a lot /: not really into them
    Exo-K, i like them its just that their from SM Entertainment, they HAVE to be good or else it would ruin SM Entertainment's name
    So overall NU'EST<3

  9. sin duda NU’EST y EXO-K me encantan ambos grupos son muy buenos,
    pero para mi NU’EST es el mejor, su estilo, la música, el baile son increíbles, sin importar la edad son talentosos y tienen mucho por delante!! n_n

  10. I think NU’EST is the best!Because the song ‘Face’ is attractive.The first time I listened to ‘face’,I love this song!I think ‘Face’ is a special topic,not about love but school.It is very different from EXO-K and BTOB.I think NU’EST will be popular as they also being the MC of SBS K-POP 20!!!^^

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  12. I choose BTOB coz all of them can sing and have the strong vocals tecnique..their multi-talented…Exo-K is more to images and only few of them can sing very well likes D.O,Baekhun and Sungho..Kai,Sehun is more to dances..we i saw their live perfomance and listened with MR REMOVED,you will agreed with me..BTOB is the best

  13. I choose BTOB coz all of them can sing and have the strong vocals tecnique..their multi-talented…Exo-K is more to images and only few of them can sing very well likes D.O,Baekhun and Sungho..Kai,Sehun is more to dances..when i saw their live perfomance and listened with MR REMOVED,you will agreed with me..BTOB is the best

  14. I choose BTOB beacause all of them can sing, have strong vocals and rap very good, they don’t colorful or imanges, the show the people thier true talent

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  19. i choose EXO because alL of them are hot >_<" obviously had a talent that made you hella shock!!.. they were totally gifted.. saranghaeyoo EXO..

  20. i chose BTOB. there’s no need for special effects to make their voices sound good. Aside from that, the kind of music they play are in line with those written during 80’s and 90’s which i really like alot. 🙂

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