Korean Parents’ Day Special: Korean celebrities’ parents

Koreans celebrate Parents’ Day (어버이날) on May 8th. In Korea, filial piety is considered the highest of all virtues due to their Confucianism belief (유교). On this day, children will show their respect and love for their parents usually by offering gifts such as carnations, beauty treatments and health care products.

SEOUL AWESOME brings you “Parents of Korean celebrities”. Let’s check them out!


Infinite L

Infinite’s Kim Myungsoo (L.)’s mom (credits: KBS)

infinite L and mom

INFINITE L and mom (credits: KBS)

INFINITE L’s mom was revealed in KBS’s “Birth of a family”. The mothers of Dongwoo and L visited their dorm and cooked Tteokgook (traditional New Year’s rice cake soup) for the members. L received a letter from his mother and he read aloud, overwhelmed with emotions; all the members started to shed tears. L’s mother then gave him a hug.

T-ara Boram

tara boram

T-ara Boram with mom (credits: SPN)

T-ara Boram’s father is a popular singer in Korea in the 1970s-1980s while her mother is a well-known actress.

T-ara Eunjung


Eunjung’s mother (credits: mydaily)

T-ara Eunjung’s mother was revealed in “We Got Married”. Her mother is a former piano teacher who currently works as Eunjung’s agent.

BEAST Junhyung


BEAST Junhyung and father (credits: MK Sports)

BEAST’s rapper – Yoon Junhyung’s father was featured in KBS’s “Win Win”. His  father revealed that he really wants KARA’s Hara to be his daughter-in-law and Junhyung had already brought Hara home before.

2PM Nichkhun

2PM Nichkhun

2PM Nickhun’s mother (credits: Keywui.chosun.com)

Foreign idol Nichkhun has a half Chinese half Thai mother (his maternal grandmother is a Chinese) and a Thai father.

SHINee Minho

shinee minho

SHINee Minho and father (credits: 한국재경신문)

SHINee Minho’s father – Choi Yun-Kyum (최윤겸/崔允謙) is a famous soccer coach, who currently manage Hoang Anh Gia Lai Football Club. Obviously, Minho has inherited his father’s athleticism.

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