Korean Fashion For Men: INFINITE Infinitize

INFINITE has finally released their 3rd mini-album, INFINITIZE on May 15th 2012 after their successful promotion in Japan. On May 15th, the group visited 5 cities of Korea namely; Gwangju, Busan, Daegu, Daejeon and Seoul to hold showcase in these cities. In order to do that, they have to travel on a helicopter with a ∞ on it. INFINITE has now become a successful and popular boy-band known for their vocal talents and highly synchronized choreography. Let us take a look at their new style for INFINITIZE.

infinite 인피니트

INFINITE (인피니트) – credits: Woollim Entertainment

L. (엘) – Kim Myungsoo (김명수/金明洙)

Infinite L

L. (엘) – credits: Woollim Entertainment

Sungjong (성종) – Lee Sungjong ( 이성종/李成鍾)


Sungjong (성종) credits: Woollim Entertainment

Sungkyu (성규) – Kim Sungkyu (김성규/金聖圭)


Sungkyu (성규): credits: Woollim Entertainment

Sungyeol (성열) – Lee Sungyeol (이성열/李成烈)


Sungyeol (성열): credits: Woollim Entertainment

Woohyun (우현) – Nam Woohyun (남우현/南優鉉)


Woohyun (우현) credits: Woollim Entertainment

Dongwoo (동우) – Jang Dongwoo (장동우/張東雨)


Dongwoo (동우): credits: Woollim Entertainment

Hoya (호야) – Lee Howon (이호원/李浩沅)


Hoya (호야) credits: Woolim Entertainment

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