Suzy endorsing Caribbean Bay

miss A’s Suzy Bae will be endorsing Caribbean Bay, alongside with label mate 2PM.

2pm and miss A suzy

2PM and miss A suzy for Caribbean  Bay (credits: Everland Caribbean  Bay)

2PM has been endorsing the theme park since 2010. Previously, the girls endorsing Carribean Bay are Girls Generation (SNSD)’s Yuri, Seohyun and YoonA and last year with f(x)’s Victoria.

Caribbean Bay

Caribbean Bay miss A Suzy (credits: Caribbean Bay )

Caribbean Bay is located at the vicinity of Seoul and it is currently the largest water theme park in the world, with both indoor and outdoor facilities.

The outdoor facilities only opens during the warmer months of May to October The price for Caribbean Bay pass is 60,000 Won and the price for Caribbean Bay + Everland is 77,000 Won.

So if you are heading to Seoul this summer, remember to visit Caribbean Bay!

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