T-ara Scandal: Hwayoung bullied?

T-ara members tweets after Tokyo Budokan(武道館) concert received criticism.

T-ara’s Hwayoung has injured her leg and she was seated during the performance for T-ara’s first Japan’s concert.


Hyomin had began by writing, “The differences in levels of determination^^, Let us all have more determination. Fighting!!!

Member Jiyeon then resonded, “The differences in levels of determination ^^, Always be humble ^^ and sensible ^^ I applaud you, acting genius ^^

Eunjung added, “A position can make or break a person, but determination can make a person too. Sigh, it’s unfortunate. You have to know to take care of the people around you.”
(translated from allkpop)

Jiyeon, Hyomin and Eunjung’s tweets caused controversy. Hwayoung seemed to be replying their tweets by implying “determination is not enough”. 

What exactly is the “determination” they are referring to?

On July 28th, Boram unfollowed Hwayoung’s twitter.

So, what exactly happened to T-ara?

There were rumours stating that Hwayoung, who only joined T-ara in mid-2010 is bullied and outcast by the other members.

T-ara’s agency – Core Contents Media (CCM) will announce a major decision regarding T-ara. Many were speculating the disbanding of T-ara or one or two members will be kicked out. However, many netizens were speculating this is yet another publicity stunt by CCM.

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11 thoughts on “T-ara Scandal: Hwayoung bullied?

  1. t-ara should disband!!!! they deserve to disband… never in my life have i heard of a kpop band and top of that female bullying their own member!!

    • it would seem UNHEARD of because it is not something the band and the company would let the fans & critics know.

      it’s not really surprising for a group to have internal conflicts.for example this group.the old members have worked so hard to reach the level that they are in now,then a new comer is added & is enjoying the fruit of the labors.that’s actually not fair the old member.

      honestly, i never understood why CCM added Hwayoung.i don’t dislike her,but i don’t like her either.what can she contribute to the group that the others haven’t already?she lacks vocals.rapping?hyomin and eunjung take of that and they sing too.dancing?jiyeon and eunjung take care of that too.

      • So true.
        T-Ara had achieve success-ness before Hwayoung got in ! >,,< /Soyeon Jjang! HAHA
        Dance,they are a dance-pop-group. ofc they can dance –;

        The one that bash T-Ara are not KPOPPERS. not TRUE KPOPPERS.
        Because,True Kpoppers will love and like and support all of the group although they are annoying and they make faults.

        /I just realized this. I hate Girl's Day. but now,I love em'. xD Minah is naturally cute to be honest. [OFF TOPIC xD]

        Plus,dear T-Ara Antis,stop calling urself as KPOPPERS. Because u guys are just bunch of fudging fugly scumbags. Pity u. :'/

      • tonii, do you know how you get added to a group or get a debut offer? you’re either very lucky, beautiful or you worked your ass off in workshops to get noticed. hwayoung unni, deserves her debut. And do you know what your talking about? Take SuperJunior or SNSD, some members can sing and dance, even act. Are you saying they should cut down the group to 2-3 persons? Also, adding new members are the management’s prerogative. Being bitches and bullies were the old group member’s decision or maybe that’s really their natural attitude behind camera’s. #fakeface #jiyeonisabitch #plasticuglybitches

    • I totally agree!!! I’m a korean teenager and T-ara will never be. CCM… APOLOGIZE TO HWAYOUNG AND BREAKUP T-ARA!!!!!!!!! One way to help Hwayoung, fans, is NEVER watch anything that has even ONE T-ara member in it and DO NOT buy the products that they advertise!!!!!

    • No, they don’t deserve to be disband!! If you just believe every thing that you read on the internet then you should be really stupid. There is no prove of t-ara bullying hwayoung! Besides this is the past, and humans make mistakes, t-ara was wrong for tweeting like that and they admitted it. Besides, those tweet doesn’t prove that t-ara was bullying hwayoung. they were just saying that hwayoung lacks of determination because instead of practising with t-ara for their concert, she went shopping alone. I don’t see any bullying in that.

      • tbh, the tweets alone give a look into their mindset and their psychology of exactly how they felt about Hwayoung. But it’s not just the tweets….there’s the incident in the car where Jiyeon makes fun of her for “pretending like she’s reading a book” or when Soyeon gives her candy that she just dropped and gave to her. Or when Jiyeon slaps her in the face during practice in front of the background dancers. I’m not saying these are evidence of their bullying. It simply gives reason as to why people suspect them of being labeled as such. Their recent appearance in Beatles Code 2 imo really did not help their cause and only added more speculation. It’s the CONSISTENCY of such incidents toward Hwa that does not help. And, which only makes those believe their attitude toward her makes them seem less guilty of such accusations. And for the record, Hwa did not practice with them for that concert because she had hurt her ankle (about the time when the tweets appeared public). The other girls were the ones that went shopping alone. So basically the other members were “scolding” her for not trying harder in practice because she has a hurt ankle?…smh

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