T-ara Scandal III: T-ara will never be the same again

What will happen to T-ara after the dismissal of Hwayoung?


T-ara scandals

Even before the alleged reports of Hwayoung being bullied, fans have already felt that Hwayoung was being outcast by the rest of the members.

According to nate, Korean netizens discovered further evidence of Hwayoung being outcast. Under the name “seok ryu(석류)” (Coincidentally, “Ryu” is Hwayoung’s surname), the person posted under the title, “Being outcast, strenuous and tiresome (왕따, 참 힘들고 지겹네요).”

Hwayoung bullied

The message read (Translated by allkpop.com)

Hello. I’ve been contemplating whether I should post this or not, but have decided to write a few things..

The group I’m in is… A group everybody will know just by revealing the group’s initial.

I’m a new member in the group, so it has been very awkward and because I’m also very timid, I’m unable to approach them easily… That’s one of the reasons why I’m becoming an outcast.

The original members must have strongly opposed my addition to the group…

I’m basically treated as if I’m an invisible at the dorm.
But when the cameras are rolling, they would suddenly have their arms around my shoulders.

When we’re practicing… I really feel like I’m going to die.
When I make a little mistake, I’d get criticized hearing things like, ‘You can’t even do this?’ and would get cursed at.

Even right now, I’m alone since they all went grocery shopping without me..
They’ll be back in a few hours, but I want to just forget about my singing career and leave.

However, this is the path I decided to take and I’m the one who decided to join, so it’s hard to do so.

I feel a bit better now that I’ve written this.

Thank you.

It has been shown that the proofs of Hwayoung being outcast is becoming more and more evident.

A group, named “T Jinyo (티진요)’” was being set-up; demanding truth of this incident.

So, did Hwayoung felt “outcast” because she was the newly added member of the group.

Many also wondered how will the original six members treat new members Ahreum(아름) and Dani (다니) if the alleged “bullying incident” were to be true.

Despite Kim Kwang Soo’s emphasis of Hwayoung’s “dark side”, the other members of T-ara even more affected. What’s more, his statements only made the situation worsen.

Many netizens were wondering if Kim Kwang Soo kicked Hwayoung out so that it will not make the other members look bad.

Besides hateful remarks on Kim Kwang Soo and CCM, many haters were already giving hateful remarks to the members especially Jiyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin and Boram.

Eunjung, who is currently filming reality program, “We Got Married (우리 결혼 했어요)” and SBS Drama, “Five Fingers (다섯 손가락)” was demanded by haters to be kicked out from both programs.

Jiyeon was unfollowed on Twitter by BEAST’s Yoseob according to netizens.

Unfortunately for T-ara, who has gained much success recently both in Korea and Japan has receive many negative and hateful remarks. The team has also lost one great rapper.

Indeed, T-ara will never be the same again.

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20 thoughts on “T-ara Scandal III: T-ara will never be the same again

  1. To be honest , When I was watching some programs which includes Tara’s HwaYoung , I suddenly felt that Tara members just left Hwayoung alone . I don’t know how much pain that Hwayoung have to keep inside her heart but at that moment , I feel the same . I believe that Tara’s Hwayoung never do wrong things so please keep support Tara’s Hwayoung otherwise at the first time I also don’t like her but during the time I feel that Tara’s Hwayoung really try to do her best then I start to like her . Btw, Please support her ❤ ❤

  2. Yoseob never unfollowed jiyeon. He never followed jiyeon in his new account (@itzmeys).
    as for his old account (@helloimys), he unfollowed everyone on 17th May 2012.

  3. DISBAND T-ARA NOW!!! The scandals are absolutely true. If you watch some Korean shows that have T-ara members in them, they ruin everything. Everybody hates them!! I’m a korean teen and I was watching a show and T-ara’s Jiyeon and singer song writer IU were host guests. A woman cooked a great meal and everyone agreed it was absolutely delicious, but Jiyeon said that she didn’t like it. She offered to add some salt to it and she grabbed a package (about 8 fl. oz.) of salt and poured the whole package on the meal. She believed it was good, but when everyone tried it they spit everything out (since it was so salty). She started cursing at everyone. That’s how everyone in T-ara, except Hwayoung, acts toward everyone when they are not on camera. Even some of the CCM workers complained about how rude T-ara is on a Korean news channel. HATCH T-ARA!!!!

    • What the hell are you talking about? You’re delusional! I think you need to go to the mental hospital! My gaaaddd!!!!! You’re talking about SBS Heroes episode 7. When Jiyeon tasted the soup, she just thought that there’s lacking something and its a bit bland so she just added salt. She just committed mistake when she poured too much salt. Everybody commits mistake so Jiyeon too! also, she didnt said she didnt like it! grrrr And FYI, Jiyeon and IU were not the host you stupid bitch! Its Noh hong chul and Hwijae. And she’s just joking that its good and she never ever curse the people in the set! Are you mad? Noh Sayeon was part of the show too and nobody will dare curse when she’s around! You’re such a lying vindicative bitch! Watch the show again when you’re not that delusional anymore. You can maybe understand that show better! gggrrrrrrr

    • LOL No one knows the truth except T-ara and hwayoung and i bet you definitely doesn’t have sufficient proof for it. Since you are a korean you should know about this phrase 선무당이 사람 잡는다 don’t you? If you are mature enough you should know sometimes words are often being twisted after it been circulating around for too long especially if the media is involved in it. if you don’t understand this, it jus prove that you are a good example of being 빈 수레가 요란하다 😀 good luck on being less bimboish ^.^

    • i kno which show u were talking about
      its Horoes yeah!! i’m a big fan of Heroes, but me never like jiyeon since she appear on the show. always getting angry at Nicole when they’r in the same team. when they have to do a play in the return to win the mission, as u know Nicole was not good at hanguk, soo during the play she made some mistake with her lines, and u can see at the back jiyeon making faces and angry.
      soooo in my opinion jiyeon just fake and a bitch

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  5. I feel bad, Hwayoung is a great rapper, and it is never really great to treat Hwayoung good if there are only cameras, Hwayoung has been out of place ever since. Even when giving lines at their song they still outcast Hwayoung. Its okey to post something like that in the internet atleast Hwayoung is polite in telling this, T-ara has a potential to be like GIRLS GENERATION if they kept Hwayoung. I’m sure Core Contents Media would regret the most powerful rapper of the group Hwayoung. Wherever Hwayoung is transfering I’m sure she’ll be followed by lots of supporters, and she will gain more fans just by herself… HWAYOUNG FIGHTING!!!

  6. i hope hwayoung canjoin JYP,, or maybe SM,, she has great talent as rapper,, i believe they will treat hwayoung better 😉

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  8. It is true that T-ara might never be the same again, added the two new members and kicked one member doesnt help the reputation that T-ara had build over the years.

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  10. saya benar benar tidak menyangka dengan t-ara<saya adalah fans berat mereka,terutama jiyeon,sya mendengar dari komentar2 bahawa trnyata jiyeon adlah member yang kasar,sya sangat kecewa

  11. I like T-Ara before HWAYOUNG GOT IN !
    Jeongmal. 6-Ara was just the best.
    and then Hwayoung come. and then Ahreum and then Danee.
    I’m not saying I hate the new members but,don’t u think so?

    • Yeah yeah, you like them before blah blah blah… adding new members is the decision made by the management for the good of the group or for some reason (watch the Kdrama He’s Beautiful). But being a bitch to a new member and making her an outcast is not part of the contract she signed. Instead of making her feel welcome and comfortable to make the group dynamics greater, they bully her. How would you like being slapped in front of practising back-up dancers, poked in the eye while doing a show, dissed because you have an injury or forfed ricecakes until you cheeks are about to burst/vomit all for the fun of it by others?

  12. lebay semua nih orang!!!
    daripada cari-cari kesalahan orang lain, mendingan perbaiki dulu tuh diri kalian, udah bener apa kagak…
    T-ARA juga manusia, namanya manusia pasti tak luput dari kesalahan..

  13. Wow, there are still people talking about this. Think about this guys, if it was really a fake scandal would Hwayoung really gotten kicked out? Especially since the stupid CEO blamed everything on her. They would only do that for one reason: to shift the blame onto someone else to avoid anymore trouble. Especially the VICTIM. The other members didn’t even apologize formally or help Hwayoung until recently in May. If it took this long just to say a simply apology, there is definitely something wrong. Honestly, I think Hwayoung really was bullied. Even when she was still apart of the group and before this scandal ever popped up, I could feel that she was distant from the other members. I bet that I’m not the only one. Hwayoung is an amazing rapper and ccm is hella stupid for letting her go. She will become successful on her own. She is just that talented.

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