T-ara Scandal Part II: Hwayoung will leave T-ara

Core Contents Media (CCM) has announced that Ryu Hwayoung (류화영) will be leaving T-ara.


Hwayoung (Photo: RHY422)

According to CCM’s CEO – Kim Kwang Soo, he received complaints from 2 team managers, 5 stylists, 7 hair/make-up artists and 5 on-site managers, he decided to void Hwayoung’s contract with CCM.

Kim Kwang Soo also emphasized that Hwayoung was not bullied by the other members. He tweeted a statement regarding Hwayoung’s departure.

“I apologize for the small delay. I had a very important meeting to attend following the release of press statement earlier. Regrettably I have had to terminate Hwayoung’s contract with Core Contents Media. She is no longer a member of T-ara. As CEO of Core Contents Media, I must ensure that everybody in this company works together as a team. Recent conversations with my employees have made it clear to me that CCM has not been operating effectively. For this reason, Hwayoung can not continue as a member of T-ara or an employee of Core Contents Media. It is very important to understand that my decision is absolutely not related to the recent rumours of bullying in T-ara. The members of T-ara wanted Hwayoung to stay in the group. However, after considering the thoughts of the staff at CCM, I made my decision. This is very difficult for me but I believe it is the best thing to do for the company and for T-ara. I sincerely apologize to Queen’s for the inconvenience this has caused. I did not want to celebrate T-ara’s 3rd anniversary in this way. In future Core Contents Media and T-ara will work much harder to avoid such controversy. Although T-ara is a seven member group again, please continue to give the members your love and support. I will repeat what I said to the press earlier today. Hwayoung’s recent behaviour has created a difficult situation in Core Contents Media. For this reason, I had to terminate her contract. However, if Hwayoung apologizes for her actions, I will discuss the possibility of her return with my staff and with the members of T-ara. Before that happens, it is important that she accepts responsibility for what she has done. ” – Kim Kwang Soo’s Twitter (@BossKwangSoo).

He also reported that Eunjung and Hyomin were forced to learn Hwayoung’s rap last minute as Hwayoung suddenly decided to withdraw from performing for Music Bank due to her leg injury.

After the incident, Hwayoung simply tweeted “…진실없는 사실들(眞實없는 事實들)”, which means “facts with no truth”.

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4 thoughts on “T-ara Scandal Part II: Hwayoung will leave T-ara

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  2. É bem óbvio que Hwayoung está sendo injustiçada, pouco sei sobre T-ara, pois eu ainda era um fã novo, mas já existiam especulações do gênero aqui em minha casa, minha irmã sempre disse que elas tinham cara de quem maltrata e descrimina 😦 fato# infelizmente!

  3. Oh please spare me the BS, Kim Kwang Soo! We all know that “Hwayoung’s recent behaviour has created a difficult situation in Core Contents Media.” is a cover up! You want her to apologize because…? You just want her to apologize because you don’t want the other member to look bad. Hwayong is better off without you, T-ara and your company.

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