T-ara Scandal V: T-ara members in recent dramas

Despite the ongoing Hwayoung/T-ara controversy, Eunjung, Soyeon and Hyomin will still be appearing in upcoming dramas. Although many advertisers had already blacklisted the six T-ara members, Korean three biggest TV companies (KBS/SBS/MBC) will still be casting them in their latest dramas.

다섯 손가락

함은정- 다섯 손가락 (사진: SBS)

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T-ara Scandal IV: T-ara dropped by advertisers

Hwayoung is out of T-ara. Although she is unable to be part of the team of one of Korean pop greatest girl group, she has won much sympathy. Currently, seems like the other members of T-ara are more affected than Hwayoung.

T-ara Eunjung

T-ara Eunjung (Photo:http://ap.police.go.kr )

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