T-ara Scandal IV: T-ara dropped by advertisers

Hwayoung is out of T-ara. Although she is unable to be part of the team of one of Korean pop greatest girl group, she has won much sympathy. Currently, seems like the other members of T-ara are more affected than Hwayoung.

T-ara Eunjung

T-ara Eunjung (Photo:http://ap.police.go.kr )

Among T-ara members, Eunjung got the most endorsements. The National Police Agency of Korea has removed Eunjung from their homepage and referred Eunjung’s image as “problematic image” due to complaints.


Eunjung Daewoo Securities (Photo: Daewoo Securities)

Eunjung was also dropped from all advertisements of Daewoo Securities.

eunjung soyeon tony moly

T-ara Tony Moly (Photo: Tony Moly)

Popular cosmetic brand, ‘Tony Moly’ has dropped T-ara and posters of T-ara were taken down due to fear of the brand being boycott.

Unfortunately, the effects of the controversy has indeed caused lots of damage to T-ara although the reports of “bullying” has not been confirmed.

Let’s hope the truth will be revealed to avoid further controversies.

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4 thoughts on “T-ara Scandal IV: T-ara dropped by advertisers

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  2. Eu adorava T-ara, mas infelizmente alguns membros não merecem adoração! É realmente uma pena, já que suas músicas são realmente lindas, eu me sinto totalmente desolado, pois até ontem eu ouvia Day by Day e Sexy Love sem culpa no meu celular, agora tenho repulsa de ouvi-las… É, o fim de T-ara está próximo!

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