T-ara Scandal V: T-ara members in recent dramas

Despite the ongoing Hwayoung/T-ara controversy, Eunjung, Soyeon and Hyomin will still be appearing in upcoming dramas. Although many advertisers had already blacklisted the six T-ara members, Korean three biggest TV companies (KBS/SBS/MBC) will still be casting them in their latest dramas.

다섯 손가락

함은정- 다섯 손가락 (사진: SBS)

Eunjung five fingers

Eunjung Five Fingers (Photo: SBS)

Eunjung will be playing the lead role in the 50-episode SBS Drama, “Five Fingers(다섯 손가락)”. The story surrounding the lives of pianists. Eunjung is scheduled to attend the press conference for the drama on the 16th of August 2012.


Soyeon – Haeundae Lovers (Photo: KBS)

Soyeon will be appearing in the new KBS Drama – Haeundae Lovers (해운대 연인들). She will be playing the younger sister of lead actress – Jo Yeo Jung. Haeundae Lovers is a romantic comedy that happens in Haeundae, Busan.


Hyomin – One Thousandth Man (Photo: WStar)

Hyomin will be starring in MBC sitcom, “One Thousandth Man 천번째 남자”. A comedy involving Fox Spirit with 9 tails(Gumiho 구미호). Hyomin is playing the role of the younger sister of the Gumiho, who has devoured the livers of 999 men.

Fans were anticipating them appearing on screen again. However, antis were angry and  Eunjung was demanded to be dropped from the 50-episode drama.

Recently, haters were furious as T-ara’s Jiyeon, Eunjung and Ahreum(new member) were not edited out of MBC ‘Quiz to change the world (세바퀴)”.

Are antis overreacting over the unconfirmed ‘bullying incident’?

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2 thoughts on “T-ara Scandal V: T-ara members in recent dramas

  1. It’s obvious only because you want it to be true. I think it’s something psuedo fans made up with a healthy dose of cultural differences tossed in for good measure.

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