Internationally Acclaimed Korean Pop Song

2012 – PSY’s “Gangnam Style 강남 스타일”

Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style 강남 스타일 (Photo: YG Entertainment)

YG Entertainment ‘s Psy (싸이) “Gangnam Style” is the most recent K-pop song that made it internationally. Gangnam-gu (강남구), a district in Seoul that is responsible for 7% of South Korea’s GDP, is the place where people live a luxurious and trendy lifestyle. The song is about Psy’s pursuit of the Gangnam lifestyle but fails. Psy points out that wealth, success and luxury is not all that will make you happy. The song made it into No.1 on Billboard Korea K-pop Hot 100 for 5 weeks. The infamous “horse dance” is becoming a trend in the world. Even Britney Spears is interested with the choreography of Gangnam Style!

2009 – Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry 쏘리 쏘리”

sorry sorry

Sorry Sorry (Photo: SM Entertainment)

SM Entertainment is known to release catchy songs. One of the most successful K-pop song is none other than Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry”. The song became an instant hit and made it into No.1 in various K-pop charts. “Sorry Sorry” is responsible the second wave of K-pop in Asian countries such as Taiwan and Japan.

2009 – Wonder Girls’ “Nobody 노바디”


Nobody (Photo: JYP Entertainment)

JYP’s “Nobody” started the retro trend of the Korean pop scene. The “point.clap-clap.point.clap” hand movement became popular and the song was especially successful in China and the United States. There is even a Japanese, English and Chinese version of Nobody.

So, which song do you think is the most popular?

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