Halloween Special: Kpop inspired Halloween outfit

Are you celebrating Halloween tonight?

Be sure to follow some of the K-pop trend and stand out in the crowd!

T-ara’s Cat outfit


T-ara Bo Beep (Photo: Core Contents Media)

T-ara released Bo Beep (Japanese version) this year and once again make it a hit in neighboring Japan.

Jay Park’s Zombie Look

Jay Park

Jay Park New Breed zombie (Photo: SidusHQ)

For guys, how about doing some face art and spot the same look as Jay Park’s new breed cover with this zombie face art!

Shindong’s Panda Face


shindong panda

Shindong’s Panda Look (Photo: http://en.korea.com)

For those who are not ambitious for the “zombie look”, opt for the “panda look” like Shindong of Super Junior!

EXO K’s Chanting Gregorian Monks Outfit

exo k mama

EXO K Gregorian Monks (Photo: SM Entertainment)

No time for makeup? Simply clothed yourself with a big hood and spot the EXO K’s MAMA Gregorian Monks outfit!

Taeyang’s “Monster Mickey” Look

taeyang monster mickey mouse

Taeyang “Monster Mickey” (Photo: YG Entertainment)

If you are talented with hair-styling, perhaps you can do something with your hair to look like monster-like Mickey Mouse, just like Taeyang of Big Bang in the music video for “Monster”!

So, which is your favourite Halloween outfit?

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