INFINITE Myungsoo questioning a teddy bear?

On 30 December 2012, INFINITE’s Kim Myungsooo(L) tweeted a series of pictures of a teddy bear, which responded to his tweets.

teddy bear

Teddy Bear “안녕” (via @infinitelkim)

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Korean Idols’ Religions

Despite Korea being a homogeneous nation, it has three main religions – Buddhism, Protestantism & Catholicism. Most Koreans are of the Buddhism faith and Christianity is a fast growing religion amongst the people. Let us see the religions of the Korean celebrities – (not a complete list).

Buddhism (불교)

nichkhun buddhist

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IU’s 2013 Calendar

IU 2013 Calendar

IU 2013 Calendar

Korea’s nation little sister (국민여동생) – IU seems to be trying a new image for the year 2013. IU has released her 2013 Calendar in Japan titled “New year’s gift from IU/IU♥ONE”. You can see through these pictures that the calendar has a “Sexy & Wild” concept rather than her usual “Cute & Innocent” concept. The calendar is selling at ¥4,980(円) in Rakuten website (楽天市場).

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Korean Fashion For Men: Winter Fashion 2012

Winter comes early this year for Korea!

Weather can reach -10°C during the night.

Most Koreans hate the long cold winter. It is necessary to wear many layers to protect yourself from Siberia’s wind.  However, having lots of layers can make you chic too!

Just follow the guide from the various Korean online shopping malls.



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A day in Gangnam

For most visitors to Seoul, Gangnam isn’t a must-go destination as most travellers will opt for places such as Myeongdong, Dongdaemun and Insadong if they have only a few days in the capital. However, after the “Gangnam-Style” mania, people are now curious of this affluent part of Seoul. So, how do you spend a day in Gangnam?

Yeoksam-dong (Gangnam Station) – 역삼동 (강남역)

Near Gangnam Station

Yeoksam-dong (Gangnam Station)

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Jeonju Trip 2012

Jeonju Hanok Village

Jeonju Hanok Village

Recently, I visited Jeonju City(전주시/全州市) in North Jeolla Province (전라북도/全羅北道), which is located at the Southwestern side of the Korean Peninsular, approximately 3 hours from Seoul.

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