A day in Gangnam

For most visitors to Seoul, Gangnam isn’t a must-go destination as most travellers will opt for places such as Myeongdong, Dongdaemun and Insadong if they have only a few days in the capital. However, after the “Gangnam-Style” mania, people are now curious of this affluent part of Seoul. So, how do you spend a day in Gangnam?

Yeoksam-dong (Gangnam Station) – 역삼동 (강남역)

Near Gangnam Station

Yeoksam-dong (Gangnam Station)

Gangnam Station is situated at Yeoksam-dong, the commercial area of Seoul. Teheranno, the Korean Silicon Valley is also in this region. Here, you can experience the corporate life of Seoulites. There are also many restaurants and hair salons near the station!

Gangnam Station

Yeoksam, Gangnam Station

Sinsa-dong – 신사동


Garosugil, Sinsa-dong

Sinsa-dong is famous for its tree-lined street – Garosugil (가로수갈/街路樹길). The artsy area is known for its fashion boutiques and cafes.

Apgujeong-dong & Cheongdam-dong – 압구정동&청담동



Apgujeong and Cheongdam, the two dongs known for their high-end shopping and the wealthiest neighbourhoods of Seoul. Entertainment agencies such as JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment and Cube Entertainment are all situated at this area. The SM Academy can also be found near Apgujeong Station.

SM Academy

SM Academy at Apgujeong

Han River (Hangang) – 한강

Han River

Han River

For those who thought “Gangnam” as “crazy”(due to PSY’s Gangnam Style), it literally means “South of the (Han)River”. Therefore, when you are in Gangnam, you can also enjoy the Han River, the river Seoulites love!

So, how will you enjoy your day in Seoul!

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