Korean Fashion For Men: Winter Fashion 2012

Winter comes early this year for Korea!

Weather can reach -10°C during the night.

Most Koreans hate the long cold winter. It is necessary to wear many layers to protect yourself from Siberia’s wind.  However, having lots of layers can make you chic too!

Just follow the guide from the various Korean online shopping malls.


Picture: Naboo.co.kr

Cities of Korea like Seoul and Busan are filled with stalls of odeng(오땡), tteokbokki (떡볶이), Bungeoppang (붕어빵) many other street food during the chilly winter. Remember to try the delicious streetfood that only offers during winter. Dongdaemun is one of the places to find winter street snacks.


Picture: aboki.net

Get yourself indoors such as shopping malls and fashion boutiques in Gangnam as they are equipped with warmers. Be chic when you are there!


Picture: vinbros.co.kr

The southwestern region of Jeonju is usually warmer than Seoul. The city is filled with Korean traditional culture and food. For those who wants to get away from the hectic city life of Seoul, Jeonju may be a good choice! Vinbros has some awesome knitted sweaters to choose from!


Picture: hotboom.co.kr

It do snows quite frequent in Seoul. One way to get yourself warm is to visit the cafes in Gangnam’s Garosugil. The duffle coat or “tteokbokki coat”(떡볶이 코트) is still popular in Korea. Get yours from hotboom to look like a fashionable Seoulite!


Picture: Nabbo.co.kr

aThere are many place in Seoul to enjoy nature. One such places is the World Cup Park at Mapo-gu. Remember to wear more layers when outdoor!

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