K-pop sub-units – 2Yoon and INFINITE-H

There’ll be two upcoming sub-units to look out for this month. 4minute’s 2Yoon and INFINITE-H!

4Minute – 2Yoon


2Yoon (Cube Entertainment)

4Minute’s HyunA has already released two solo EPs and one collaboration with Hyunseung. Now, it’s the turn for Gayoon and Jiyoon! Through the concept, you can see that 2Yoon – Gayoon and Jiyoon looks different from their sexy image of 4Minute, opting for a pure and innocent concept, suitable for country pop genre.



INFINITE H (Woolim Ent)

After INFINITE’s Sungkyu has showed his “rock” side through his solo mini-album, “Another Me”; while fellow group mates Hoya and Dongwoo will release their mini-album as a sub-group call “INFINITE H”. “H” stands for Hip-Hop and their concept will showcase their talent on the Hip-Hop genre.


INFINITE H (Woolim Ent)

Let’s hope success of these two subgroups!

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