Seollal 2013: Korean Celebrities Born In The Year of The Snake

10 February 2013 marks the first day of the lunar calendar (Korean Calendar). It is known as Seollal (설날) in Korea and this year marks the Year of the Snake. Many popular Korean Idols are born in the year of the snake(89 liner). Many of the ‘snake’ idols happened to be the leader of their respective groups. These idols truly have the personality traits of snakes – wise and great thinkers. Snakes love to posses the best of everything and are mostly charming, popular and are spotlight magnets. Let us take a look at the snake idols.

Hyoyeon, Taeyeon, Tiffany, Sunny, Jessica & Yuri of SNSD / 효연, 태연, 티파니, 써니, 제시카, 유리 – 소녀시대

SNSD 89 Liners

SNSD Snake Idols (Photo: SM Entertainment)

D.O.B – (Hyoyeon: September 22, 1989/ Taeyeon: March 9 1989/ Hyoyeon: August 1, 1989/ Sunny: May 15, 1989/ Jessica: April 18, 1989/ Yuri: December 5, 1989 )

6 out of 9 members of SNSD were born in the year of the snake. Indeed, the members  spotlight magnets, which explains their popularity worldwide. Hyoyeon is known for her dancing skill; Tiffany and Taeyeon are known for their vocal; Jessica and Yuri has done pretty well in drama last year; and Sunny, known for her aegyo. 2013 will definitely be a better year for these girls.

Min Sunye of Wonder Girls/ 선예 – 원더걸스


Sunye of Wonder Girls (Photo: JYP Entertainment)

D.O.B: August 12, 1989

Besides kid leader Taeyeon, Sunye – who is the leader of Wonder Girls was also born in the year of the Snake. She just got married on January 26, 2013 and invited stars such as members of 2AM, Wonder Girls, JJ Project and SNSD. We wish her a blissful marriage.

Kim Sunggyu of INFINITE/ 김성규 – 인피니트

Sunggyu Snake

INFINITE Sunggyu (Photo: Daum)

D.O.B: April 28, 1989

Sunggyu was born in 1989 in Jeonju. He is the leader of idol group INFINITE. Despite debuting only in 2010, INFINITE is currently one of the top idol groups in Korea. Sunggyu is especially known for his leadership skill in the group and of course, his vocal talent. He released his solo mini album – Another Me late last year and it did pretty well. INFINITE will be making their comeback in the first half of 2013.

Onew of SHINee / 온유-샤이니


Onew of SHINee (Photo: Daum)

D.O.B: December 14, 1989

Another ‘snake’ leader to mention is Onew of SHINee. He is known to be clumsy but has a sweet and soft personality, which explains his stage name – On-yoo (온유/溫柔) which means gentleness.

Jo Kwon – 2AM & Yonghwa – CN BLUE / 조권 – 투에엠 & 정용화 – 씨엔블루

Jo Kwon Yonghwa

Jo Kwon (2AM) and Yonghwa (CN BLUE)

D.O.B: (Jo Kwon: August 28, 1989/ Yonghwa: June 22, 1989)

2AM Jo Kwon and CN BLUE Yonghwa collaborated before in Inkigayo in 2011. Both of them are leaders of their respective group. Jo Kwon is known for his “diva” personality but gets serious singing ballads. Yonghwa is the main vocalist and visual of CN BLUE.

CN BLUE just made a successful comeback. 2AM will make a comeback soon (according to an interview).

Lee Jong-suk & Kim Woo-bin/ 이종석.김우빈

lee jong suk kim woo bin

Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin (Photo: KBS)

D.O.B: (Lee Jong Suk: September 14, 1989/ Kim Woo Bin: July 16, 1989)

Both Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin were model-turned-actors. Both of them starred in popular drama, “School 2013 (학교2012)”, which faces what Korean youths are facing – bullying, school violence, suicides etc. Both actors are currently the most popular young actors of 2013.



PSY (YG Entertainment)

D.O.B: December 31, 1977

PSY reached international fame through his song “Gangnam Style(강남 스타일). Thanks to him, K-pop is now at another level of popularity around the world. He is not a 89-liner. He is born in the year 1977 in  Seoul’s Gangnam District, which makes him 12 years older than the above Korean idols. Psy has drop hints that he will release a new album sometime between February and March this year. Let’s wish him a successful comeback.

Won Bin/원빈

won bin

Won Bin (Minmint)

D.O.B (Won Bin: November 10, 1977)

Won Bin, like Psy is also born in the year 1977. He came from a poor family in Gangwon Province and now, an A-list Hallyu actor. Many Koreans regard him with “godly” status as he is known to be flawless.  His last film was his 2010’s movie, “The Man From Nowhere(아저씨)”.

In East Asian culture, snake is known to bring wealth. Let’s hope for a successful 2013 for the Korean idols and us!

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