B.A.P held their first exclusive concert in Seoul on 23rd and 24th of February, ahead of other K-pop groups debuted last year (NU’EST, EXO, BtoB, JJ Project). B.A.P has won 13 rookie group awards and many people see the potential of this group. Let’s take a look at the pictures of their Korean concert taken by various Koraen media.

bap live on earth

B.A.P Concert (Photo: starin.edaily.co.kr)

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‘Hello’ guest caught swearing about Hoya after broadcast despite Hoya solving his problem

Hoya infinite

INFINITE Hoya (Source: http://artsnews.mk.co.kr)

In 4th February’s episode of ‘Hello (안녕하세요)’, a guest revealed that he is struggling with speech problem as he has difficulty speaking “ㄹ(rieul)”, which sounds sort of like a half r and half l sound. He dreams to be a Korean teacher and the speech problem also disallows him from saying “Sarang hae: 사랑해(I Love You)”  to his girlfriend. This also unable him from saying the name of his idol – KARA’s “Hara: 하라”, which sounds like “Haya: 하야” when he pronounce it.

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