Korean Fashion For Men: Korean Celebrities in Denim Shirt

Denim jeans are fashionable for decades and denim shirts are making a comeback since 2011. Let us take a look at how Korean celebrities look with their denim.

Lee Jong Suk (이종석)

Lee Jong Suk

이종석 – Lee Jong Suk (Source: 잠뱅이)

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[SportsSeoul] 16 years difference – H.O.T. Tony An and Girl’s Day Hyeri dating

Sports Seoul has announced two idols dating, while many netizens were speculating young idols, many were surprised that the idols they are referring to are Tony An (from the 1990s group H.O.T) and Hyeri from Girl’s Day.

Tony An Hyeri

Tony An and Hyeri (SportsSeoul)

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INFINITE and B.A.P for High Cut – KPOP Spring Fashion 2013

Recently, idol groups INFINITE and B.A.P were featured in High Cut. Both groups are ready for Spring in their latest pictorial, with bright colors! Let’s take a look…

B.A.P (High Cut)

B.A.P (High Cut)


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