Korean Black Day 2013

What’s after Valentines Day and White (Valentines) Day in Korea? It’s Black Day!


JjaJangMyeon (짜장면)

This is the day where single people gather together to enjoy Jajangmyeon (자장면) … or Korean black sauce noodles, a noodle dish influenced by Chinese’s Zhajiangmian (炸醬麵).

For single people, what else can you do on this day?

How about listen to K-pop songs that depicts single-hood?

For those who has just broken up – Alone (나혼자) by Sistar 



“I walk alone, watch TV alone
I get drunk alone, cry and cry like this everyday
Love was sweet, under the shade of breakup
I can’t fall asleep again tonight…”

“나 혼자 길을 걷고 나 혼자 TV를 보고
나 혼자 취해 보고 이렇게 매일 울고 불고
사랑 참 달콤했어 이별이란 그림자 안에서
오늘도 잠 못자…”

For those who just got rejected – Good Day (좋은 날) by IU


IU Good Day

“Was my recent hairstyle change bad?
Did I wear the wrong clothes?
Still pretending like I don’t know
Like I don’t remember
Should I act as if nothing happened?”

“새로 바뀐 내 머리가 별로였는지
입고 나왔던 옷이 실수였던 건지
아직 모르는 척 기억 안 나는 척
아무 일없던 것처럼 굴어볼까?”
Those ready to have a new relationship – Sexy Free & Single by Super Junior


Super Junior Sexy Free & Single

“My person, my person, I’ve become stronger.
Yeah! Finally it’s our Time for romance.
Again I will fly toward a greater dream.
Another Upgrade, just watch me, leave it to me”

“내 사람아, 사람아 난 더 강해졌어.
Yeah! 드디어 우리 Time for romance.  
더 멋진 꿈을 향해 또 날아가겠어.
다시 Upgrade 지켜봐, 맡겨봐.”

So, which category fits you the best?

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