[SportsSeoul] 16 years difference – H.O.T. Tony An and Girl’s Day Hyeri dating

Sports Seoul has announced two idols dating, while many netizens were speculating young idols, many were surprised that the idols they are referring to are Tony An (from the 1990s group H.O.T) and Hyeri from Girl’s Day.

Tony An Hyeri

Tony An and Hyeri (SportsSeoul)

Tony An Seung Ho was born in 7th June 1978, while Lee Hyeri was born in 9th June 1994… which makes them 16 years apart.

Tony Hyeri

[SPORTS SEOUL] – Hyeri and Tony

Sports Seoul has been following the couple for two months. They usually meet each other late at night using personal cars.

On the 14th, Tony was spotted waiting for Hyeri near her agency. Hyeri was reported being cautious before getting into Tony’s car.

The two were then spotted enjoying the view of Han River in a cafe. Tony An would smile and look fondly at Hyeri, while Hyeri showed aegyo to Tony.

After spending time having tea in the cafe, Tony and Hyeri headed back to the girl’s agency while witnessing Hyeri going back into the building.

naver search


Both Hyeri and Tony is now at No.1 and No.2 respectively on Naver Search Ranking.

Since the beginning of the year, dating scandals have been reported among Korean celebrities, with almost one scandal per month. Other celebrities with dating scandals includee SHINee’s Onew (b.1989)-After School’s Jungah(b.1983) (noona-dongsaeng relationship) and TVXQ’s Changmin (b.1988)-f(x)’s Victoria(b.1987). Both ‘noona-dongsaeng relationship’.

What do you think of this ’16 years difference’ relationship?

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