Running Man HaHa & Singer Byul Welcome Their Firstborn

Comedian-rapper HaHa (Ha Dong-hoon) and Singer Byul (Kim Go-eun) welcomed their firstborn, DREAM (드림) today (July 9th)!

Byul HaHa

Byul and HaHa

HaHa tweeted …

하나님의 꿈..드림이가 지금..저를 보고 웃네요~^^ 저 아빠됐어요!! 예정일보다 일주일 먼저 나온 효자아들 드림이!하나님의 축복으로 오늘 화요일~스케쥴도 펑크가났네요! 기가막힌 센스를 보여주신 하나님께 정말 감사드려요~ (God’s Dream.. Right now..Dream is laughing while looking at me~^^ I became a father!! My good son, Dream, who was born a week prior to his expected due date! This Tuesday was made possible by God’s blessing~ I also had no schedule today due to cancellation! I am really thankful to God who has such amazing sense~”) 

하나님 아버지께 영광 돌릴게요~ 사랑해요!!그리고 무엇보다..우리 와이프 고은이.. 작고 조그만한 아이가 이악물고 낑낑거리는데..그 씩씩함에 용감함에 감동해 얼마나 울었는지 몰라요..고은아..고마워..사랑해..”Glory to God the father~ I love you!! And more than anything else.. My wife Go Eun.. The tiny baby is crying so much.. You don’t know how much I was brought to tears by her courage.. Go Eun ah.. Thank you.. I Love you..”

HaHa is best known to be part of the cast of variety shows “Running Man” and “Infinity Challenge” and Byul is best known for the song “I Think I”, which was featured in Korean hit drama, “Full House”.

HaHa and Byul got married in November last year. There were rumors of their marriage being a shotgun one but HaHa confirmed that as they are devout Christians, and they do not believe in sex before marriage. 

Congratulations to HaHa and Byul! And a great welcome to the world, Dream!

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