[Idol Controversies] SISTAR Hyorin and f(x) Sulli

Recently, SISTAR’s Hyorin and f(x) Sulli were caught up with controversies.


Sulli (Source: SBS)

During 14th July’s Running Man, f(x) Sulli (seated between Kang Gary and Song Ji-hyo) was caught swearing randomly in Chinese “차오 니 마 (Cao ni Ma)”, consider a strong vulgarity in China.  (Watch video).

Many wondered why the 20-year-old idol was swearing and who was she swearing at.

A representative from SBS said that Sulli was joking with someone at the time, while SM representative said that Sulli didn’t know what is the meaning of that word. Sulli hasn’t make an official apology.

Netizens were wondering if fellow f(x) Chinese member, Victoria taught her the swear word.


SISTAR Hyorin (Source: STAR1 SISTAR Official Fan Cafe)

Hyorin of SISTAR was caught up with a “straight face” controversy during a fansign event. Hyorin, known to be honest and straight-talk assures that she was not in a bad mood as she just woke up from her sleep in the car and she was just trying to wake up. Hyorin also mentioned that is impossible for a person be smiling 24/7.(Watch video)

Hyorin issued an apology through twitter mentioning that she unintentionally disappoint the fans during fan signing. She actually had a fun time and it was a misunderstanding. She will not disappoint fans again. Sorry, and Hyorin continue to be the person who tries her best.

What do you think of these idol controversies?

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