Korean Fashion For Men: Summer Fashion 2013

Are you heading to Korea soon?

Summer in Korea is hot and rainy.

Remember to dress like the fashionable Koreans when you’re there!

Get inspired and check out this article to get ideas!

Cafe is the best place to visit if you’re feeling too humid. In Korea, you can get ice cool Frappé or Korean shaved ice (Patbingsu 팥빙수). There are many summer cuisine in Korea and this is the best time to visit Korea to try them all!
TIPS: Don’t be afraid to carry a mlutch while in Korea!

Mr Street

Mr Street (http://mr-s.co.kr/)

Daehakro – 대학로 (Pronounced Daehangno) has a youthful vibe. This place has everything from chic cafes to cool boutiques. Be studious and blend in with the students of Sungkyunkwan University.


4xr (4xr.co.kr)

Koreans love summer for the water sports. The best place to go is Caribbean Bay, located near Seoul.


플라이데이 http://www.flyday.co.kr/

Koreans wear shorts (반바지) during hot summer season. You may too if you’re heading to outdoor shopping areas like Myeongdong.

Mint color is the trend in Korea. If you wanna feel traditional culture of Korea, visit Jeonju!

With Korean summer fashion, summer cuisines and summer activities, summer is also a great time to visit Korea!

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