Myeongdong 명동

Myeongdong (명동) is one of the most touristy area for shopping in Seoul. This area is the mecca for Korean skincare and cosmetics (e.g Etude House, Skin Food, it’s skin, Beyond) and also for mid-to-high price brand outlets (e.g SPAO, ZioZia, BSX). Many staff can speak Mandarin, Japanese and Thai in this area.



Myeongdong’s store rent is 9th highest in the world; behind other famous shopping streets like New York’s Fifth Avenue, Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay and Tokyo’s Ginza.



For shopping lovers, be sure to spend half a day. You’ll get everything you need in Myeongdong. Restaurants and cafes are abundant in this area too.



What’s more, if you love street food, Myeongdong is a place for you! There are corn dogs, tteokbokki, hotteok and many more Korean street food, which are usually cheap and delicious.



Steet Food Myeongdong

Myeongdong Street Food


Myeongdong 핫바

Myeongdong is definitely a must-go for those heading to Seoul!

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