INFINITE L (Kim Myungsoo) Dating Ulzzang Kim Do-yeon ?

This is indeed a week full of dating ‘scandal’.

We began with model-actor Kim Woo-bin and model Yoo Ji-an, who is one year his senior. Followed by T-ara Soyeon-Oh Jong Hyuk Couple and f(x) Sulli-Choiza Couple.

Today, INFINITE L was added to the list.

Infinite L Kim Do Yeon

INFINITE L and Kim Do-yeon (Photo:

There were rumors that the couple got into a fight recently because L (Kim Myungsoo) took a picture with Master’s Sun co-star, Han Boreum; which Han Boreum uploaded it in her twitter. Han Boreum deleted the picture on her twitter.

Han Boreum L

Han Boreum and Kim Myungsoo (Picture: @Han_Bling)

A supposedly eonni (언니) friend of Kim Do-yeon tweeted ” I want to cut the fur off of the tail of Boreum. Don’t touch my close friend’s boyfriend!!!!!!!” and “Because of Boreum, my close dongseng is in a crisis with her boyfriend. I hate Boreum so much ㅜㅜ”.”

Kim Do-yeon is an ulzzang who owns her own online shopping mall, “Bad Doll”. She became famous (or infamous) for eating everything from ramyeon to bossam with chocolate on tvN’s Martian Virus. She was given the nickname “choco-holic”. Watch video here.

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