Halloween Special: Hallyu inspired Halloween Outfit 2013

Are you celebrating Halloween? Check out these Hallyu (K-dramas and K-pop) inspired outfit!

Master’s Sun Coffee Ghost (주군의 태양 – 커피 귀신)

masters sun coffee ghost

Coffee Ghost (커피 귀신)

If you’ve watched “Master’s Sun (주군의 태양)”, you may see the ghost who loves coffee. Definitely a trend if you dress up like him!

SHINee (샤이니)

SHINEE halloween


SHINee, who recently made a comeback dressed up for Halloween recently!

Troublemaker Hyunseung (트러블메이커 현승)


Troublemaker Hyunseung

Troublemaker recently made a comeback. Hyunseung dressed up as Joker in one of the scenes of their rated 19+ Music video.

Hyungsik (형식)

ZEA Hyungsik


For those who suck at makeup, dressed up as “Clyde” like Park Hyungsik in his recent musical performance.

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