Park Si-yeon and two other Korean actresses convicted of propofol abuse

Korean actresses – Park Si-yeon (박시연), Lee Seung Yeon (이승연) and Jang Mi In Ae (장미인애) were found guilty by the Seoul District Court yesterday for propofol abuse. They received 8 months imprisonment and two years of probation.

park si yeon

Park Si Yeon (Photo; first look)

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Update: Ulzzang Kim Do-yeon and INFINITE L dated

After two months since the scandal of Ulzzang “Chocolate Girl” Kim Do-yeon (김도연) and INFINITE’s centre Kim Myungsoo (김명수/엘), INFINITE’s agency Woolim has confirmed their relationship.

infinite l

Kim Myungsoo (Photo: StarLounge )

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[Jeonju] Cheonnyeon Nuri Bom (천년누리 봄)

Jeonju, the capital of Jeollanam-do,  is famous for its culinary culture and produce.



Having done my research, Jeonju was chosen as part of UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network. I was hoping to taste really good Korean food in this city.

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