[Jeonju] Cheonnyeon Nuri Bom (천년누리 봄)

Jeonju, the capital of Jeollanam-do,  is famous for its culinary culture and produce.



Having done my research, Jeonju was chosen as part of UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network. I was hoping to taste really good Korean food in this city.


Jeonju – interior of Cheonnyeon Nuri Bom

With an empty stomach, I began to explore the cuisine of Jeonju. I was approach by a local who asked me if I lost my way. I replied in Korean that I wanted to find good food here and she led me to a restaurant called “Cheonnyeon-nuri Bom- 천년누리 붐”.

I ordered Bibimbap since Jeonju is famous for that.


Jeonju – (Sanyacho Bibimbap 산야초 비빔밥)

And then I realized this is not “Jeonju Bibimbap” but “Sanyacho Bibimbap”. The bibimbap is topped with fresh and delicious vegetables with no meat. I was surprised at how delicious this bibimbap was.


Jeonju – Banchan!

The Jeolla region usually serve their Banchan generously. Even pajeon is part of the banchan! What’s more, this wild vegetables bibimbap meal only cost me 7,000 Won!

Indeed, I had a hearty and healthy meal.

Definitely a must-visit if you were to visit Jeonju.

Address: 전라북도 전주시 경원동 2가 53-1

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