Park Si-yeon and two other Korean actresses convicted of propofol abuse

Korean actresses – Park Si-yeon (박시연), Lee Seung Yeon (이승연) and Jang Mi In Ae (장미인애) were found guilty by the Seoul District Court yesterday for propofol abuse. They received 8 months imprisonment and two years of probation.

park si yeon

Park Si Yeon (Photo; first look)

Propofol is said to be the cause of Micheal Jackson’s death. It is a sedative used as a general anesthetic, which promoted relaxation and reduces anxiety. Users may also experience hallucinations.

Most people will be familiar with Miss Korea Park Si yeon, who starred in popular dramas “No Such Thing as Nice Guy”, “Coffee House” and “My Girl”. Park Si-yeon got married on November 19th 2013 and gave birth to her first child in September 2013.

Lee Seung Yeon is an actress and talk show host in her 40s, while Jang Mi In Ae is an actress who starred in “I Miss You”, along with Park Yoochun and Yoon Eun-hye.


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