Update: Ulzzang Kim Do-yeon and INFINITE L dated

After two months since the scandal of Ulzzang “Chocolate Girl” Kim Do-yeon (김도연) and INFINITE’s centre Kim Myungsoo (김명수/엘), INFINITE’s agency Woolim has confirmed their relationship.

infinite l

Kim Myungsoo (Photo: StarLounge )

Kim Do-yeon has stated in her Twitter that after the scandal, she can no longer keep silent with the amount of damage as she has received backslash from INFINITE’s fans.

Initially, Woolim said that Kim Myungsoo and Kim Do-yeon were just friends. But changed their position after 2 months that the two indeed dated.

Kim Doyeon

Kim Doyeon

INFINITE debuted in the year 2010 and has become popular since their debut. They are known for their synchronized choreography. They recently won themselves “Best Male Group” for the 2013 MAMA Awards.

INFINITE is currently having their 1st world tour concert, “ONE GREAT STEP”. The group had stops in cities such as Seoul, Jakarta, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Singapore, Taipei, New York, L.A, London, Paris and more. They will have their last stops in Dubai and Beijing.

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6 thoughts on “Update: Ulzzang Kim Do-yeon and INFINITE L dated

  1. she is lovely .and cute.I can not understand why ?? His fans was angry or peopel To interfere in his personal life

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