EXO D.O Acting Debut – Korean Movie ‘Cart’

EXO D.O (Do Kyungsoo/도경수) has confirmed to join the cast of Korean movie, “Cart (카트). He will be playing the role of Taeyoung (태영), the son of Yum Jung-ah (염정아)’s character, Sunhee (선희).

Yum Jung-ah will play a mother of two children. She works at a large store, together with Moon Jung-hee (Hyemi); a single mother and Kim Young-ae (Soon-rye); a janitor. Kim Kang-woo (Dong-joon) will be the only male member of the labour union at the store. The workers are laid off at the store and they will stand up against their unfair dismissal.

D.O is the first EXO member who will officially joining the line of “acting-dol”.

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15 thoughts on “EXO D.O Acting Debut – Korean Movie ‘Cart’

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  2. I’m excited also to see d.o how to act and how to handle his role………do your best d.o and we always pray for you…..goodluck

  3. im so proud to D.O, go go go go D.O DO YOUR BEST IN ACTING!!! fight3x i can’t wait to watch your movie….huhuhu

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